Brian M. Scott

I'm a professional photographer who specializes in portraits. For more than a decade, I have taken portraits of people—young people, older people, families, babies, and children. I loved capturing their personalities—what made them smile, what made them laugh, and what made them unique.

After spending so many years photographing peoples' lives, after seeing how important their pets are in their lives, and after adding two beagles to my own family, I decided to do the same thing for the animals I love.

Working with animals is my passion. I love finding what makes your pet—dog, cat, goat, horse, you name it—your pet. In every picture I take, I capture your pet being your pet: chewing, yawning, jumping, smiling, licking, barking, loving. I think my job is to give you pieces of art that will capture your pets as they are, in all of their silly glory.